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Serving the Fort Collins area. Video connections,
socially distanced, and masked options available.

Bedside music

Comfort music for your loved one, at home or in a healthcare facility. Research shows that live, therapeutic music can reduce anxiety and pain and promote rest.

Musician in residence

Weekly visits to a health-care facility to provide music for patients. Studies show that live music interventions increase patient satisfaction, decrease perceived levels of anxiety and pain, and decrease opioid usage.

Staff wellness 

Promote staff resilience and retention with live music at a nurses’ station, charting area, or break room. Research indicates that live, therapeutic music substantially reduces the perceived stress levels of clinical staff. 

Workshops and presentations 

Learn, hear, and experience more about practices and traditions of music for comfort. Tailored to your audience and time frame.

Family music sessions 

Music arrangements and jam sessions for your family’s own concert at the bedside. Choose your loved one’s favorite songs. 

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