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Bringing the comfort of
music to the critically ill

Elaine Hild

Certified Music Practitioner

Harp  -  Viola  - Voice

PhD  -  Musicology

About Me

My training includes a conservatory performance degree (Bachelor of Music) and credentials to play in medical facilities (Certified Music Practitioner). I have played extensively for staff and patients in intensive care, neonatal intensive care, dementia care, and hospice care facilities.

Music in Medieval Rituals
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About Palliative Music

We are not powerless. Even when we grapple with medical crises and serious illness, we can experience beauty, peace, and comfort.


Palliative music is patient-centered music. A palliative musician sits at the bedside, carefully attending to the patient as she plays, in order to create music that promotes relaxation and rest.


Serving the Fort Collins area. Video connections,
socially distanced, and masked options available.

Bedside Music

Comfort music for your loved one, at home or in a health-care facility.

Musician in Residence

Weekly visits to a healthcare facility to provide music for patients. 

Staff Wellness

Promote staff resilience with live music at a nurses’ station, charting area, or break room. 


There is no charge for palliative music visits to critically ill individuals. Patients and family members are welcome to donate as little or as much as they like for palliative music sessions.

Your donation makes it possible to provide music to those in need. Thank you!


Stories of Comfort
and Beauty 


“It gives you back your heart.” 

Cindy, in dementia care
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